First Day Sales Data!

In case you couldn’t tell from the site, Exit Plan Studios is a new venture for us, and we’re in the process of learning the iOS app developer scene. There’s lots of hearsay about how brutal it is (see this revenue survey report), but, being the masochists we are, we wanted to find out first hand.

So here is our first release, LAUNCH BOY. It’s a simple casual distance game with cute character design, free for download (check it out here!) and three $1 in-app purchases. In all it was about a month of (very) part-time development.

It went live on 11/12, and to our surprise the downloads began almost immediately. It was completely undiscoverable on the iTunes store, so we’re guessing the 3rd party iTunes app aggregators already picked us up.

We also added hooks to Facebook and Twitter, to give us an outside chance of virality. So far, very few users have posted (5 tweets, 2 Facebook status updates), which dashes our hopes for the sustainable growth from those channels.

The final report? iTunes Connect put us at 300 downloads yesterday, 10 in-app purchases (including 3 of my own). It’s a pretty low conversion from free to paid users at the moment, but that’s not surprising. The surprising part (at least to me) is that we were able to reach as many users as we did with literally no marketing. This morning we’ve reached 600 folks posting stores to Game Center, which is encouraging!

Of course, without marketing, I expect the growth to disappear literally overnight, as the game falls off the “New” charts and into an early grave. As the green developers we are, we’re now exploring ways to try to break through the marketing limitations for a small studio. Any veterans out have suggestions or experiences to share? We’d love to hear from you!

More updates to come!

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